Real-time buffer/RTSP multiple channel low latency video SDK

UAV (vehicle, boat) ground station video solution, RTSP multi-channel low latency video solution, providing high-performance, easy-to-use and reliable video access capabilities.

Low Latency

Low latency of less than 100ms, real-time watching of the picture taken by the drone, not missing any wonderful moments

Multiple video formats

Support multiple video formats, including h264 and h265, no need to worry about video compatibility issues

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Hardware Decoding

Support hardware decoding and automatic downgrade to software decoding when hardware decoding fails, you can choose the appropriate decoding mode according to your device performance and needs, save power

Hardware decoding

Automatic downgrade to software decoding

Multiple Source

Support buffer video raw stream and RTSP video source, easy access to multiple video sources

Raw stream from buffer


Taking pictures and recording videos

Support taking pictures and recording videos of video streams, you can save and share your drone perspective at any time

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Take picture

Record video

Multiple Channel

Support up to five video decoding and rendering at the same time, you can watch multiple drone pictures at the same time, achieve multitasking management

Up to 5 channels

Simple API

Simple API, just a few lines of code, you can achieve video decoding and rendering, no need for complex configuration and debugging

Simple API

Complete Demo

Complete demo, providing detailed usage instructions and sample code, quick start and learning

Complete demo

Multiple Modes

Provide ffmpeg, OpenGL and MediaCodec and other decoding and rendering modes, you can choose the most suitable mode according to your video source and device performance


Continuous Upgrade

Continuous follow-up upgrade, we will constantly improve and optimize our solution, provide more functions and better experience